Loss, theft or fraudulent use of your Lydia Card

If you misplace your Lydia card or believe it might have been stolen, please follow the steps below to block it and ensure your money is protected.  

If your card is completely lost or has been stolen

If your physical Lydia card is completely lost or has been stolen, please follow the steps below:

  1. Block your card so that it cannot be used;
  2. Contact the Lydia support team by email;
  3. Wait for your replacement card which will arrive by post;
  4. Activate your new card from within the app.

If your card has been stolen, Lydia may request a copy of the theft report.

If you find the card

Blocking your card is free, reversible and you can do it as many times as you like. If you happen to find your card, you can just unblock it to start using it again.

Fraudulent activity with a stolen Lydia card

If the card has just been stolen, Lydia recommends blocking it as a soon as possible. The speed with which the card is blocked directly impacts the level of reimbursement that you can claim if fraudulent spending has taken place. 

Fraudulent activity carried out before blocking your card

You are responsible for the cost of any fraudulent activity up to £150/€150 that occurs before you block your card. Beyond this limit, Lydia will launch an enquiry to identify where the responsibility lies. While an enquiry is ongoing, which could take several weeks, Lydia will establish whether it is possible to reimburse your lost money. You may be asked for supporting documents.

Fraudulent activity carried out after blocking your card

If you have blocked your card and the fraudster still manages to access your funds (such as for purchases that don't require a payment authentication), you will be reimbursed the amount spent by the fraudster in full. 

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