Loss, theft or fraudulent use of your Lydia Card

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To ensure that your money is fully secure in case something happened to your Lydia card, please follow this procedure.

📱 If you still have access to your app

First things first, it is recommended that you block your card as soon as possible to make it unusable. Blocking the card is a free, reversible and unlimited.

If you eventually find the card, you can just unblock it to start using it again.

Immediate card cancellation

In case of theft or permanent loss of the card, it must be cancelled. This action is irreversible.

  1. Go to the card carousel in the second tab
  2. Select the lost or stolen card
  3. Enter the 4-digit security code
  4. Go to the bottom of the screen and tap "Destroy this card".

The card is then permanently blocked and disappears from the app.

⛔ If you cannot access your app

In case you don't have a quick access to your Lydia account, you can ask for the blocking or cancellation of your card by contacting Lydia's support team by e-mail or by phone by calling the line dedicated to card suspension at

If the device linked to the Lydia account has also been lost or stolen, you can also specify it and ask for its temporary blocking.

📨 Card replacement

The replacement of lost cards is not covered by Lydia. You can order a new card directly from the app.

If your card has been stolen, Lydia may request a copy of the theft report.

💳 In case a fraudster pays with your card

As mentioned above, you need to block your card as soon as possible. The level of reimbursement the user will be entitled to in case of fraudulent expenses depends on their reactivity.

Fraudulent expenses made before the card was blocked

Fraudulent operations carried out with a stolen card before the user blocks it are at the user's expense, up to a limit of 50€. Beyond 50€ of fraud, Lydia will have to open an investigation to establish responsibilities. At the end of this investigation, which may take several weeks, Lydia will determine whether or not a refund is possible. Supporting documents may be requested from the user.

Fraudulent expenses after the card has been blocked

If you have blocked your card and the fraudster still manages to access your funds (such as for purchases that don't require a payment authentication), you will be reimbursed the amount spent by the fraudster in full.

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