Loss, theft or fraudulent use of your Lydia Card

To ensure that your money is fully secure in case something happened to your Lydia card, please follow the steps below:

Lost or stolen card? 🙊

If you're sure that your card is lost or has been stolen, then...

  1. Block your card so that it cannot be used;
  2. Contact the Lydia support team by email;
  3. Wait for your replacement card which will arrive by post;
  4. Activate your new card from within the app.

If your card has been stolen, Lydia may request a copy of the theft report.

... If you eventually found the card 😇

You can just unblock it to start using it again: it's totally free !

In case a fraudster pays with your card 💳

You need to block your card as soon as possible.

If it happened before you blocked your card

You are responsible for the cost of any fraudulent activity up to £150/€150, which means:

  • If you get frauded less than £150/€150, you won't get reimbursed.
  • If you get frauded more than £150/€150, you will get reimbursed for every penny over £150/€150.
Please note that this investigation might take several weeks. You may also be asked for supporting documents.

If it happened after you blocked your card

If you have blocked your card and the fraudster still manages to access your funds (such as for purchases that don't require a payment authentication), you will be reimbursed the amount spent by the fraudster in full. 

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