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With Lydia, anyone can use their Android phone to pay contactless in any store, using Google Pay. Users just have to approach their mobile to the payment terminal device. A single "bip" sound will let them know payment has gone through.

Why should I use Google Pay in-store? 

When paying contactless, it is always better choosing a phone over a debit/credit card. Simply because...

  • It is safer than the card: every payment needs to be authorised thanks to a biometric authentication or to a PIN code.
  • Fast: payment is made in less than a second. Users instantly receive a notofication on their phone that sums up the transaction (amount, date, time).
  • Without amount limit: users can pay €1 or €1,000 using contactless mobile payment. On the contrary, credit cards are limited to €30 per contactless payment.

Paying in-store with Google Pay 💸

There are two scenarios:

  1. For a purchase inferior to €30, users just have to "wake up" their phone and approach it to the payment terminal.
  2. For a purchase superior to €30, users have to unlock their phone and to approach it to the merchant's terminal.

In both cases, a "bip" sound will indicate payment has gone through.

Here is what an in-store payment with Google Pay looks like:

Limits to using Google Pay 🔐

Lydia users can face limits according to their account status.

👉Using Google Pay with Lydia is totally unlimited with a Lydia plan. To know more, discover Lydia+ and Lydia Black+.

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