Managing your accounts

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The third tab in the app is called 'Accounts'.

It groups together your different balances:

To access more information, you can click on one of the accounts.

Changing the name of an account

You can change the name that appears in the account overview when you open up the account details.

Please note that this is the same name that will appear when it comes to selecting a payment source.

For a bank account, we recommend adding the name of the bank. That way, it's easier to find.

Account display settings

For each account you can:

  • add a photo
  • hide this photo from the list of accounts
  • hide the balance available from the list of accounts

To hide the balance or add/remove a photo that illustrates the purpose of the account, tap on the account details and enable/disable these options.

To add or edit and image, tap on the 'Add a photo' field.

Deleting an account

You can delete an account. If it still contains money, the user will be asked to transfer it to a different account.

Please note that once an account is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

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