Managing your accounts

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Lydia lets you manage all your accounts from the 3rd tab of the app. From there, you can get the balance and access to the detailed view of your:

Entering your account's detailed view will let you access a variety of useful features.

Changing your account name 📝

Every account has a name, whether this is "Lydia balance" or "bank account". By personalising their name, you can recognise your accounts at a glance. You can for instance use names like

  • "Couple life" for the shared account you're using with your significant other
  • "Barcelona trip" for the shared account you'll be using for your trips away with friends
  • "Little extra" for the sub-account you're using to save money for a big project

You can even use emojis to spicen up those names 🌶️

This name will appear every time you'll be changing the payment source of the Lydia card, Internet cards or contactless mobile payment.

Modifying your account display settings 🎨

Lydia lets you totally customise the way your accounts are displayed in the 3rd tab of the app. From the account's detailed view, you can for instance:

  • add a cover picture
  • hide this picture on the account display list
  • hide the balance on the account display list

Deleting an account 🗑️

You can delete an account at any moment from the detailed view of the account. If there is still money in it, you will be asked to transfer it to a different account prior to the deletion process.

Please note that once an account is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

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