The Lydia card is geared towards the money that is available on your Lydia account.  When you pay by card, the money will leave your Lydia account and not your regular bank account.

Where can I use the virtual Lydia card?

The virtual Lydia card is accepted:

The Lydia card is not accepted:

  • Certain tolls on the motorway
  • Certain automatic petrol stations
  • In certain mobile paypoints such as trains and planes

Where can I use my plastic Lydia card

The plastic Lydia card is accepted

  • In over 210 countries and 36 million retailers
  • All e-commerce sites
  • Vending machines accepting contactless payments
  • ATM machines
  • With Apple Pay

How does the Lydia card function?

The Lydia card work using systematic authorisation.  This basically means that your Lydia balance is verified at every payment you make to make sure that you have enough money in your account to make the payment.

Due to the fact that having an overdraft is impossible, systematic authorisation ensures that the cardholder has enough money in their account every time they would like to make a purchase.

Everything about the Lydia card

A universal card

Lydia cards are universal because they have the power to replace all cards.

The card holder can choose to pay with their physical card or one of their virtual Lydia cards.  They can also choose where the money will be coming from. An example of this would be choosing between

  • Your personal current account if it is a personal expenditure
  • Your professional current account if it a professional expenditure
  • Your joint account if it is an expenditure with your partner

Click here to see how you can change the method of payment of a transaction

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