New phone number or email address

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If you have another phone number or email address that you'd like to use with Lydia, you must add it to the list of phone numbers and email addresses attributed to your account.

If you are logged into the app

From the device where you have Lydia installed, tap here or follow these steps:

  1. Open the Lydia app
  2. Head over to the fourth tab in the app and tap 'My Information'. 

You'll be sent a text message or an email containing a code or a link to verify and validate these new details.

Following this, you'll be able to log into the app with these new details. Other users will also now be able to use these details to send you money. 

You can save several phone numbers and email addresses.

If you want to cancel and replace your old details, you must delete the old log-in details linked to your Lydia account. To do so, tap to display the relevant details and tap 'delete'. 

If you are not logged into the app

If this change concerns your email address, you can simply log into the app and follow the steps above. 

If, instead, you want to change your phone number and the old one (which is linked to your account) is no longer available, you must get in touch with the Lydia support team at to request the change. Your message should come from one of the email addresses linked to your Lydia account, specifying both the old and new phone numbers.

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