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Lydia lets you top up your account to start sending money to relatives or paying in any store using contactless mobile payment. Several methods can be used for topping up your Lydia account from the "Accounts" tab, after having chosen the account to be topped up:

With a bank transfer (unlimited) 🏦

You can make a wire from your bank account to your Lydia account using its IBAN account number. It only requires having a "verified" Lydia account.

This feature lets you top up your account without any amount limit. However, this can take 2 to 3 days as it depends on banks' usual processing times. Instant transfers are also available for this feature from all banks in France and most European banks.

👉 If you want to make your bank transfers directly from Lydia, read "Adding your bank account"

With your debit or credit card (limited) 💳

This is the most used feature: by linking your bank card to the app, you can top up your Lydia account immediately.

However, the use of this feature is limited. You can extend those limits by verifying your account or upgrading to Lydia Blue, Lydia Green or Lydia Black.

👉 To know more about this method, see "Adding a bank card"

With a Loan ⚡

If you need cash quite urgently, you can get up to €1,000 immediately with the Lydia Instant Loan. To know more, read this article.

By collecting money online 💰

You can create online pages to collect money from anybody. Your friends, family or colleagues will only have to open a browser, go to that page, and put money on it by entering their credit card numbers. The account linked to this page (in that case, your Lydia account) will instantly be credited!

👉 If this is for special occasion, like a birthday or a wedding, we recommend using Lydia money pots instead.

Finally, by receiving a Lydia payment 📲

Of course, you can top up by asking a friend to make a Lydia payment to you: it will immediately credit your account.

👉 To make this easier, we recommend sending payment requests.

However, it is not possible to deposit a check on your Lydia account ❌

👉 As Lydia is a mobile application designed to ease payments, the user cannot deposit a bank check on his Lydia account.

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