Topping up a Lydia account

Updated 1 month ago by Yacine Sahnoune

By bank transfer

If you have a 'verified' Lydia account and a Lydia IBAN number, you can receive bank transfers directly into one of your Lydia accounts.

You can find your Lydia IBAN in the fourth tab of the app, in the 'Bank accounts' section. The Lydia IBAN is currently only available to users in France.

By receiving a Lydia payment

You can top up your account by receiving a Lydia payment, as this immediately credits the balance in one of the recipient's Lydia accounts. 

You can send payment requests too.

Collect money online (for users in France only)

Lydia Premium users can create online pages to obtain a dedicated link to send out for anyone to top up one of their Lydia accounts

Lydia Premium is currently only available to our users in France.

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