Bank statements

Users can generate bank statements for each of their Lydia accounts: personal account, shared account, money pot, etc.

They are available in PDF or CSV format from the most recent to the oldest and sorted by year. Users can view and download them from the application.

How to receive a bank statement?

From the 'Accounts' tab of the application, users must select go into "Documents" and select the account for which they wish to obtain a bank statement.

It is also possible to download a bank statement directly from the view of an account in "Account & money pots" section. Open the account concerned, click on "Bank statements" and select the period.

Bank statements for the current year are shown first. It is possible to consult the history of previous years.

The statement for the current month is not available from the application. Once the month has ended, it will be possible to download it. If users need this document before the end of the month, they can request it from Customer Services via the "Guide" tab in the application or by sending an e-mail to

Contents of a bank statement

The bank statement is sent in the name of the user who downloads it.

It shows the name of the account and the time period concerned.

All the transactions carried out over this period of time are displayed, together with the balance at the beginning and end of the period.

For each transaction, the user will find :

  • The date of the transaction ;
  • A label ;
  • The amount of the transaction, shown in the debit column with a "-" sign if the money leaves the account, and in the credit column if the money arrives in the account ;
  • The balance of the account following this transaction ;

Bank statements for a shared account

If the account has several members, each member able to view the account history can download the bank statement.

The document is in the name of the member who downloads it.

Find out more about shared accounts here.

Can't generate a statement?

Sometimes, opening a statement may display an error message because of an internet connection lost.

In the latter case, the user can contact customer service to resolve the situation and receive the statement for the month they require.

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