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The user can generate statements for any of their accounts: personal account, joint account, housemate account, etc. Sorted by year, they are available in PDF format from the most recent to the oldest. The user can consult them, download them, share them or even send them by email.

How to receive a bank statement?

From the "Accounts" tab, the user must select the account for which they wish to receive a statement. Once in the account view, simply scroll down to "Account Statements". By default, the user sees the current year's statements, but can view statements from previous years.

The first statement displayed is the current month's statement and is therefore not complete but still accessible. All other statements listed will provide all transactions for past months.

Can't generate a statement?

Sometimes, opening a statement may display an error message. This can happen for several reasons:

  • The user does not have an internet connection
  • The user has not made any transactions during the month
  • Internal problems prevent us from generating a statement

In the latter case, the user can contact customer support to resolve the situation and receive the statement for the month they require.

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