What is the Lydia card PIN?

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Just like any payment card with a chip, the Lydia card is secured by a four-digit secret code also known as "PIN". This is the code you enter on the payment terminal every time you proceed to checkout.

How do I set the PIN?

Unlike your bank, Lydia lets you choose your PIN. You set the PIN yourself and you can change it at any time on the app.

How can I view my PIN?

Follow the steps below to check your PIN:

  1. Go to the Lydia Card menu from the last tab of the app
  2. Scroll down and click "PIN code"
  3. Your PIN pops up on the screen (only for a few seconds for security reasons).

How can I change my PIN?

Have you had the same PIN for too long? Is it not secure anymore? No worries, you can change it anytime. Modify your PIN directly on the app for free and as many times as you need.

Follow these steps to change your PIN:

  1. Go to the Lydia Card menu in the 4th tab of the app
  2. Click "Pin code"
  3. Your PIN shows up. Tap "Edit my PIN"
  4. Enter the new PIN
  5. Confirm the new PIN by re-entering it
  6. The "Saved" message pops up - it means your new PIN has been saved.
To activate the new PIN, you MUST go to an ATM and enter the new PIN to make a withdrawal.

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