Lydia lets users pay contactless in any store using their smartphone. Users just have to approach their mobile from the merchant's payment device. When they hear a "biiiiip" sound coming the terminal, it means the payment successfully went through.

Why should I pay contactless using my mobile? 🤔

Credit card contactless payments are generally limited to a certain amount per purchase (usually €50). It is also very risky: any thief that steals one's credit card can use it to pay contactless anywhere, with our money.

Fortunately, contactless mobile payment is fully secured. It is so secured that there is no limitation in the amount spent per purchase.

Contactless mobile payment is quick and simple. Here is a demo when purchasing a €110 item of clothing in-store with Google Pay:

Safer than ever 🔐

Every contactless mobile payment has to be authorised by the owner of the device. There are 3 different authentication methods possible:

  • A facial recognition (like Apple's "Face ID") ;

or a

  • A fingerprint recognition (like Apple's "Touch ID") ;


  • A 4-digits PIN code (for devices that don't accept the two methods mentioned above).

Thanks to these security measures, nobody can use one's phone on their behalf without having their authorisation.

Activating contactless payment on a mobile phone 📱

Lydia contactless mobile payment works with every device equipped with the NFC (Near Field Communications) technology.

To activate contactless on their mobile, users have to:

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