Configuring Google Pay on an Android mobile device

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Configuring Google Pay on an Android device equipped with Lydia only takes a few seconds. First, users must check they are eligible to Google Pay. Here are the different steps to activating Google Pay:

Scenario 1: From Lydia app 📱

Users simply have to open the Lydia app and...

  • Go to the last tab of the app
  • Click on the « Contactless » menu
  • Follow the different steps described in the app at that stage.

Lydia automatically creates an Internet Card and sends its information through to the Google Pay app.

Once this card added to the Google Pay app, users can immediately use their mobile to pay contactless in any store.

This video shows how quick and easy it is to pay contactless with an Android phone:

Scenario 2: from the Google Pay app 💳

A Lydia Internet Card can directly be added to users' Google Pay app. To do so, they must simply...

👉 Using Google Pay contactless mobile payment is fully unlimited with a Lydia plan. Click here to know more about Lydia Blue and Lydia Black.

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