Presenting Lydia Green+

Lydia Green+ is the Lydia version that gives access to many of the app’s features, with the guarantee that the users’ funds will be used to support solely ethical and eco-friendly projects.

Since September 22, 2022, new Lydia Green+ orders are paused. However, current Green+ users retain all their benefits. To find out more, click here.

An account and a card for daily purchases

Lydia Green+ users enjoy all the features and means of payment to use Lydia as a current account.

On top of that, they enjoy several other exclusive perks:

  • A customizable green card
  • Access to phone customer service

The uncompromising account

Green+ users are sure that their Lydia funds (duo accounts, money pots, …) will only be used to support ethical and eco-friendly projects. This promise becomes reality as soon as users upgrade to Lydia Green+.


Users can have a look at the list of projects their funds may have supported by tapping on “See my impact” from the "Lydia plans" menu on the "Account" tab.

Based on La Nef’s expertise

All these guarantees Lydia makes are backed by La Nef and its well-recognized expertise.

What is La Nef?

As the sole ethical finance institution in France, La Nef has been leading the way since 1988, with over 6,000 positive impact projects financed using savings account funds of people who wanted their money to have a positive impact on the world. According to environmental associations (like LesAmisDeLaTerre), or even Oxfam, La Nef is by far the best-in-class solution compared to other banks.

Lydia Green+, limited edition

To measure the success of its uncompromising account, Lydia is offering a limited edition of Green+ to start with, during which users’ funds will be indirectly used to support La Nef projects: Lydia will be making available to La Nef an amount that equals the sum of all Green+ users funds.

Choosing Lydia Green+

One can choose Lydia Green+ from the “Lydia plans” menu on the "Accounts" tab.

2 payment modalities are available:

  • Monthly subscription
  • Yearly subscription

Upgrading in 2 steps:

  • Selecting a valid means of payment and accepting Terms of Use.
  • Users cannot cancel until a year has passed.
  • For monthly subscriptions, the selected means of payment will be debited each month.
  • Whatever the subscription modality chosen, the date of the next due payment as well as its payment means are visible in Versions section if the app, by tapping on “Lydia plans" menu.

Once the subscription has started, the invoice will be sent via email.

Changing the means of payment for the Green+ subscription

Users can also change their means of payment to pay for Lydia Green+. This can be done by accessing the Lydia Green+ page from the “Lydia plans” menu, available on the "Account" tab.

The new means of payment can be another Lydia account or a bank card linked in the app.

Renewing Lydia Green+

Whether users choose the monthly or yearly subscription, they cannot cancel before a year has passed.

Paying for Lydia Green+

Each month or each year, the selected means of payment will be debited.

If this fails, the amount is taken from users’ Lydia accounts.

If those have insufficient balances to pay for Green+, the account’s balance becomes negative. This allows users to continue to enjoy their Lydia Green+ account.

However, if users fail to provide their Lydia accounts with sufficient funds to pay for Green+ twice in a row, their plan will be permanently cancelled.


If users use their Lydia accounts to pay for Green+, the corresponding transaction will appear in the payments history that displays on the main tab of the app.

Cancelling Lydia Green+

How to cancel?

Users can cancel Lydia Green+ by tapping on “Manage my Lydia version” in the "Lydia plans" menu from the "Account" tab.

If they do so, they will continue to enjoy their current benefits until the 12-month period is over.

Applicable usage limits after cancelling Lydia Green+

After cancelling Green+, Lydia Standard limits are applied.

👉 See limits

Good to know: the Lydia Green+ card remains active even once the version has been cancelled. It can then be used for all payments, within limits of the Lydia Standard version.

Going back to Lydia Green+

Green+ can be reactivated anytime from the "Lydia plans" menu in the "Account" tab.

Downgrading from Green+ to Lydia+

Lydia Green+ can be cancelled after a 12-month period.

Downgrading to Lydia+ for instance will take effect immediately although users will retain former Green+ benefits until the end of the subscription period.

Downgrading can be done from the "Lydia plans" menu in the "Account" tab.

Good to know: the Lydia Green+ card remains active even once the version has been cancelled. It can then be used for all payments, within limits of the Lydia Standard version.

Upgrading From Green+ to Lydia Black+

Users can upgrade to Lydia Black+ anytime, to enjoy the most complete Lydia experience. If they do upgrade, we will send them a new card, and the new features and benefits they upgraded to will be immediately available to them.

Upgrading can be easily done from the "Lydia plans" menu in the "Account" tab.

Good to know: after such changes, the Green+ card remains active, while simultaneously being covered by Lydia Black+ insurance.

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