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The Lydia app offers additional biometric security to protect your money every time you make a transfer or a payment or check your account.

If your smartphone doesn’t support biometric authentication, you can set a four-digit security code.

Why use biometric authentication? 🤔

Biometric authentication identifies users based on physical characteristics (face, iris, fingerprint, etc.).

Compared to a four-digit PIN, biometric security is simply:

  • More secure (it is harder to forge or copy)
  • Faster (just look at your phone or place your finger on the sensor to authorise the transaction)

With biometric authentication, no one can use your account even if they have your security code.

How do I enable biometric security on Lydia? 📱

With the latest phones, you can set up and use the following technologies to unlock your screen:

  • Facial recognition ("Face ID" with an Apple phone)
  • Fingerprint recognition ("Touch ID" with Apple)

To enable one of these technologies, you must first set it up in your phone's security settings (often in the "Phone Lock" menu).

You can then enable it on Lydia in the "Security" menu of the 4th tab.

👉 Biometric security allows you to make quick contactless payments with your phone. To learn more about contactless mobile payment, read this article.

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