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Advanced Lydia features or specific amount limits can be unlocked by verifying your account. This procedure is totally free and ensures you take advantage of the best Lydia has to offer.

Verified users can be identified by a blue dot next to their profile photo.

What you get with a verified account 🏅

Veryfing your account grants you with a lot of advantages like :

Paying and receiving more, with...

  • Higher transaction ceilings (payments, bank transfers, card top-up)
  • Better account security

Using advanced features, like...

Getting a verified account 🕵️‍♂️

To get a verified account, only follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Lydia app
  2. Head to the last tab of the app
  3. Select "Identity"
  4. Follow the steps to getting a verified account
Getting a verified account takes in average 3 working days (in average). If the documents provided are blurry or truncated, it may take more time.

Required documents 📝

Lydia must verify your identity to upgrade your account. To do so, we'll need you to upload photos of the following documents so that we can make the necessary checks:

You can take a photo of the document from the app itself or simply import it.

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