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To unlock certain features offered in the Lydia app, you can upgrade your account by verifying it for free.

Verified users can be identified by a blue dot next to their profile photo.

Advantages of a verified account

  • Higher transaction limits

  • Other users' trust

  • Better account security

Users in France can also enjoy:

  • Virtual card

  • Physical card

  • IBAN

  • Apple Pay

Getting a verified account:

Tap here if you already have Lydia on this device. 

If not,

  1. Open the Lydia app
  2. Head to the 'Menu' tab, tap 'My information', then 'Verify my account'

Required documents

Lydia must verify your identity to upgrade your account. To do so, we'll need you to upload photos of the following documents so that we can make the necessary checks:

You can take a photo of the document from the app itself or simply import it.


Once you have provided all the necessary documents, your account should be verified within 3 working days. If the quality of the photos is poor or if they are blurred, this could take longer.

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