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Lydia lets you create shared accounts to make and manage common expenses easily, from your mobile.

It takes a whole lot of 10 seconds to create a shared account. It can be entirely managed on mobile device. The money on it can be spent using one of the many Lydia payment methods. All participants (be it for a couple or an entire fraternity) can each have:

  • a physical card to withdraw money from an ATM
  • a virtual card to pay in stores with contactless mobile payment
  • several Internet cards for joint subscriptions (Netflix, Spotify...)

All the things you can do with a shared account

The Duo account, the joint account to be shared by two ­čą░

For a couple, you and your significant other can top it up at the start of the month, then pay the bills and the groceries along the way using the shared account's money. Thanks to a dedicated IBAN, they can even receive their salary directly on it.

The Group account, for vacations with several people ­čśÄ

What a convenient solution to be using for trips away with friends! A single account can now be used for all your common expenses (ticket booking, Airbnb, nights out, car rental, etc). No matter how many people you're travelling with. You won't have to reimburse 5 people anymore. It also works for roommates, for example.

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