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Apple Pay lets you spend money from your Lydia account in any store or website using your mobile phone.

Paying contactless in-store 🛍️

Apple Pay uses Apple devices' integrated NFC (Near Field Communication) chips to perform contactless payments in every store equipped with traditional card terminals. To pay contactless, you only need to:

  1. Approach your device (iPhone or Apple Watch) from the payment terminal (the NFC chip automatically detects it)
  2. Activate Touch ID or Face ID to authorise the contactless payment. On Apple Watches, perform two clicks on the side button.
  3. That's it, your purchase is paid for !

Apple Pay payments are far more secured than contactless credit card payments. Hence, there is no amount limit with contactless mobile payment.

More information on how to pay with Apple Pay

Paying online and in mobile apps 💻

E-commerce websites and apps offer the "Pay with Apple Pay" option, in order to let you pay easier online. To do so:

  1. Select "Pay with Apple Pay" when checking out
  2. Use Touch ID or Face ID to authorise the payment
  3. That's it ! Your order is paid for.

Secure Payments 🔐

Card numbers are masked by Apple Pay: they are never stored on the device nor transmitted to any retailers during the payment process. No thief can steal it and use it to debit your account.

Click here to read more about the security of Apple Pay

Setting up Apple Pay in Lydia 📱

Setting up Apple Pay only takes a couple minutes.

  1. Go to the last tab of the Lydia app
  2. Click on "Contactless"
  3. Follow the indications to finalise the activation and make your first payment

Need a bit more detail on how to set up Apple Pay?  Ckick here

Don’t have a Lydia account yet? Download the app now so that you can use Apple Pay today!

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