Lydia users who do not have access to Google Pay or Samsung Pay can now settle their mobile contactless payment transactions, via their smartphone, with Lydia Pay.

A convenient and ultra-secure payment method 🔐

Unlike traditional contactless payments by bank card, contactless mobile payment via mobile is:

  • No amount limit: there is no maximum limit of €50 per payment as with the bank card.
  • 100% secure: thanks to facial recognition technology, fingerprint recognition or a PIN code.
  • Confidential: for each purchase, Lydia uses a device-specific number and a unique transaction code. The card number is never stored on the device, nor transmitted to merchants at checkout.

Setting up mobile payments in Lydia 🤔

To enable mobile payments, simply go to the 'Cards' tab. The user will then be able to create a virtual card and, from the card settings, activate the "Contactless" option.

The configuration of the contactless mobile payment takes a few moments. During this time, the user will have access to practical information about this feature.

The selected Lydia card will automatically be chosen for future mobile contactless payments. To change the card, the user will have to go to the settings of the new card and set it as the "Primary Card".

Paying with your mobile via Lydia Pay📱

Lydia uses contactless technology "NFC" to allow the user to pay using contactless payment with their smartphone. For the user, it is then sufficient to:

  • Tap your phone on a payment device, just like with a bank card.
  • A "beep" will sound.
  • Unlock your phone using Touch ID or a code. This triggers the Lydia app to open.
  • Approach the phone to the payment device again to confirm the payment.
  • The payment is completed.

Note that the smartphone automatically detects the card payment device and automatically opens the Lydia app. There is no need to do anything else.

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