Lydia Black+ is the Lydia card that enables users to make all their daily purchases with the app.

Lydia Black+, the supreme card and account

Lydia Black+ enables users to seamlessly and instantaneously make all their daily purchases. A current account with an insurance, a French IBAN, a black Visa debit card, extensive limits, all Lydia+ benefits...

Exclusive benefits with Lydia Black+

For only €9.90 per month, users enjoy:

  • A customizable black Visa debit card, with no fees incurred, be it in France or abroad
  • Insurance for travel, means of payment, and online shopping
  • Extensive limits (payments, ATM withdrawals, number of virtual card creations, etc.)
  • Responsive and handy concierge service via text message
  • Phone customer service

But also all Lydia+ features

Lydia Black+ users enjoy Lydia+ benefits:

  • Easy payments: card payments, contactless mobile payments, online... 👉 Find out more about Lydia means of payment
  • Accounts: personal accounts with French IBANs, shared accounts, commission-free money pots. 👉 Find out more about Lydia accounts

Choosing Lydia Black+

Users can choose between 2 options:

  • Annual payment - 12 months for €99 (that's 2 months for free)
  • Monthly payments - €9.90 per month

Both are automatically renewed unless users specify otherwise. What's more, started billing periods are due in full.

👉 To find out more about Lydia Black+, see the Terms of Use.

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