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Internet Cards are temporary payment numbers that can be generated from the Lydia app. They can be used to pay online safely: for 1 or several purchases.

Lydia Internet Cards can be used in every website and app.

Why should I use a Lydia Internet Card? 🤔

Using a credit or debit card to pay online is risky. Any pirate can record them and use them to debit one's account without them knowing.

To pay online safely, users can use Lydia Internet Cards. These are payment numbers users can generate and delete whenever they want. 

Once an Internet Card has been deleted, its numbers are totally useless: pirates can use them to debit any account.

When should I use a Lydia Internet Card? 🤷

Internet Cards can be used when...

  • are not 100% certain about a website's security
  • don't want to risk being debited twice for the same purchase
  • want to better organise their expenses,  by creating an Internet Card for every online merchant Internet pour chaque marchand en ligne chez lequel il fait un achat (« Amazon », « FNAC », « Netflix », etc.).

Creating Internet Cards 💳

Users can create Internet Cards at any time from the 4th tab of the Lydia app

  • by clicking on « Internet payment cards » 
  • by following the tutorial (if the Internet Card being created is the first one)
  • or by clicking on the « + » button to create a new Internet Card.

Once an Internet Card has been created, it can be used right away.

Paying online using Internet Cards 💻

Once users are on their app's Internet Cards screen, they

  • To pay online from a mobile, users can "Copy" their Internet Card's numbers and paste them into the online merchant's payment form.
  • To pay online from a computer, users can click on "Show" to view the Internet Card's numbers and manually type them into the payment form.

Once the payment is done, the Internet Card can be deleted right away. A notification will show up on users' mobile to sump up everything there is to know about the payment (amount, date, merchant...).

At any time, users can also modify the Lydia account linked to their Internet Card.

Using Internet Cards properly 💪

We strongly advise users to create several Internet Cards. Actually, one Internet Card per online merchant. Hence, users can...

  • Create an "Amazon" Internet Card
  • Use this Internet Card's payment numbers only for purchases on Amazon
  • Set limits to the "Amazon" Internet Card.

By deleting the Amazon Internet Card, users can be sure their account will never be debited against their will: payment numbers won't be usable anymore.

👉 The use of Internet Cards is unlimited with Premium. Want to know more ? Make sure to read "What is Lydia Premium ?".

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