Transactions History

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You can find any transaction you ever made with Lydia right from the 2nd tab of the app. You can also find all your payment requests there. Every transaction is associated to a detailed payment receipt.

The different types of transactions 💸

Different types of transactions are displayed in the Transactions History. Types are indicated by an icon associated with the transaction:

  • The picture of an individual indicates you sent or received money from that person
  • A logo or a "shop" icon indicates you made a payment to a business
  • A "bank" icon indicate you made a transfer to a bank account

The amount indicated will either be positive or negative, depending on whether you have received or sent money.

Payment requests coming from other users can also be found at the top of the 2nd tab's screen. This is where you'll be able to accept or decline them.

About pending transactions 🕒

Payments made to businesses using the Lydia card or Internet cards are first processed, then validated. Before being confirmed, payments always appear as greyed out.

To know more about this, see "pending transactions".

Looking for specific transactions 🕵️‍♂️

You can look for transactions by entering any keyword you want (a contact's name, a retailer's name, a transaction's label, etc).

The transactions will appear along with another set of information:

  • The total of all transactions entered (+)
  • The total of all transactions entered (-)
  • the date of the 1st transaction.

Managing the layout 📱

Users can choose how they would like to view their transactions' history : per week or per month. This can be set in the "Settings" menu of the last tab of the app.

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