Transaction History

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Your transaction history can be found in the 2nd tab of the Lydia app.

It is also the place that you can find all types of requests. C’est aussi l’endroit où l’on retrouve toutes les demandes en attente ou nécessitant une action de l’utilisateur.

A chaque transaction est associée un reçu qui donne plus d’informations à l’utilisateur.

Type of transactions

The user will find the history of the different types of transactions.

The amount indicated will be either positive or negative depending on whether you have received or sent money.

This image will give you an idea of what your screen will be like.

On the Lydia app

Via Lydia vers un contact (numéro de téléphone)

To a contact (telephone number or email)

Paiement chez un pro (par QR code ou par acceptation d’une demande)

Payments in a retailer (by QR code or accepting a payment request from a Pro)

Participating in a moneypot

Transactions made using a Lydia card (plastic or virtual)

Payments in process..

Find out more about payments in process..

Validated transaction

Transfer to your bank account

Transfer between the user’s accounts.

Transfer using a Lydia IBAN.

Transactions to receive

Transactions to receive are placed at the top of the 2nd tab in the app.

It can be:

  • A request from a contact, a pro or a moneypot.
  • A payment send to a user that doesn’t have a verified statusu
  • ...

Research function

By using the magnifying glass it is possible to search by contact, keyword or retailer.

The transactions are shown as follows:

  • The total of all transactions entered (+)
  • The total of all transactions entered (-)
  • the date of the 1st transaction.

Managing the display

By month or week the user can choose how they would prefer to view their transaction history either by week or month.  This is managed in the last tab of the app under the title of the menu “Preferences”.

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