The app allows customers to keep tracking transactions through notifications, receipts and a clear and comprehensive transaction history.

Transaction history

Transactions are always displayed in the history of the account related to the payment.

By default, transactions are also displayed in the global history available on the application's home page if the "Display transactions in global history" option is activated into the display settings of the related account.

In a history, each transaction displays the following information:

  • The name of the transaction ;
  • The amount of the transaction ;
  • A thumbnail of the souvenir picture or the merchant icon ;
  • An icon indicating whether an expense was made by another person as part of a group account.

From the history, the customer can open the receipt by clicking on it and access to the full details of the operation. Click here to find out more about payment receipts in-app.

Status of a transaction

Blue dot: new transaction

When a new transaction appears in the history, a blue dot to the left of the transaction informs the customer that it is a new transaction. This blue dot disappears 10 minutes after the transaction appears in the list for the first time.

Transparent transaction amount: transaction being processed

When a transaction is being processed, the amount is displayed in a lighter grey, with the circle to the left of the transaction flashing.

A transaction may be in process for a number of reasons:

  • Lydia payments to users without a user account. The recipient will have 7 days to collect the money. Once the deadline has passed, the money will be returned to the payer account.
  • Bank transfers made towards an external bank account can be sent instantly if the receiver bank is eligible. Otherwise the wires are subject to transfer delays related to the banking system, i.e 1 to 3 bank working days for each transfer. The recipient of the transfer will receive the money at the end of this period.
Note that transfers from Lydia to a bank account can be instant if the receiving bank is eligible.

These details are available in the transaction receipt.

Opaque transaction amount: transaction validated

Once the transaction has been validated, the flashing dot disappears and the transaction amount display is darker.

From any transaction history displayed in the application, the customer can search or filter this history. To find out more about advanced transaction searches, click here.

Personalize a payment receipt

The customer has the possibility to personalize a payment receipt by :

  • Editing the default title ;
  • Uploading a souvenir picture ;
  • Attaching an invoice.

The edited title of the payment and souvenir picture will appear on the transactions history. To find out more about payment receipt customization click here.

Download a payment proof

From the payment receipt, the customer has the possibility to download a payment proof in PDF format gathering the details of the transaction. To find out more about the PDF payment proof click here.

Download a bank statement

Monthly bank statements are available in-app in CSV or PDF format. To find more information about the bank statement, click here.

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