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The Lydia card is accepted as an online payment method at no extra cost.

You can turn on or off the "Online payments" feature on the app at any time.

To protect our users' money, we have disabled the "Online Payment" feature by default on the Lydia card. To make secure online purchases, we recommend using our temporary Internet cards instead. To learn more about the risks of online shopping with a traditional bank card click here.

How do I reactivate or disable online payments?

Follow these steps to make the card unusable online:

  1. Go to the Lydia card menu in the last tab and hit "Manage my Lydia cards"
  2. Click "Features"
  3. Drag the "Online payments" button. The button turns blue (enabled) or grey (disabled)


How secure are online payments?

The Lydia card does not support 3D Secure protection at this time.

About secure online payments

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