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The Lydia card has two types of limits:

  1. The limits set by Lydia included in your subscription (Free, Lydia Blue, Lydia Black)
  2. The limits set by you in the app to take control of your spending

Limits set by Lydia 💳

Limits to payments and cash withdrawals with the Lydia card can be checked by clicking on the button below:

Limits you can set 📱

You can set limits to the amount spent or withdrawn with the Lydia card. This can be done right from the app. To modify those limits, simply...

  1. Head to the last tab of the app
  2. Hit "Manage my Lydia cards"
  3. Scroll down and tap "Limits"

That's it! You can now set your weekly or monthly spending limits easily.

The limits set by the user are for all his Lydia Visa cards and are calendar based. It is therefore not possible to set different limits for each card at this time.

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