Lydia cards are modern payment card designed by Lydia.

They are Visa Debit cards that are accepted worldwide by merchants and ATMs, whatever the currency.

They allow customers to pay using money they have on one of their Lydia accounts.

They are available in 3 different colours: blue, green, and black.

All customers (Lydia Standard, Lydia+, Lydia Green+ and Lydia Black+) can get their first card for free.

Each additional Lydia+ or Lydia Green+ card ordered and delivered costs €5, and €9 for Lydia Black+ cards.

One can have 2 active physical cards with Lydia Standard, Lydia+, and Lydia Green+, and 3 with Lydia Black+.

Lydia cards also have a virtual and ephemeral version, so their critical information remains safe while shopping online.

Benefits of Lydia cards

Lydia cards are...

  • Smart. Customers can block them any time, right from the app. They can also control spending, turn on or off "contactless" payments, online payments, ATM withdrawals, transactions abroad
  • Multi-accounts. Customers can choose at any time which one of their Lydia accounts should be used to pay. They can easily do so right from the app, in the Cards section inside the Account tab. Tap here for more information
  • Perfect for trips abroad. No fees incurred on payments and ATM withdrawals made abroad, within applicable limits
  • Customizable for Lydia+, Lydia Green+ and Lydia Black+ customers. Customers get to choose what is written on the front of the card.

Before ordering a Lydia card

Here is what customers need to know:

Transaction types

Lydia cards can be used to:

To protect customer funds, we turned off by default the card's "Online payments" option. However, for online payments, we recommend customers use temporary virtual cards. To find out more about the risks of shopping online using a classic bank card, tap here. Customers can turn on this option at any time.

A universal card

Lydia cards can debit any Lydia account that customers chose to link:

Lydia card settings can be accessed in the Cards section from the Account tab in-app (tap here from a smartphone). 

If the balance is not sufficient for a given transaction, it won't go through. 

If the payment was made using a Lydia card (physical, contactless or virtual) and if the customer's balance is not sufficient, the transaction will be declined. Bank cards from their traditional banks (CIC, Caisse d'Épargne, BNP Paribas, etc.) customers link to the app have no direct connexion to their Lydia cards.

In which case it is possible to apply for a loan. More information is available here.

More information on topping up Lydia accounts is available here

Unique cards

With Lydia+, Lydia Green+, and Lydia Black+, customers can customize their card by choosing the two lines of text on the front.

By doing so, customers' names will appear on the back of the card, alongside the numbers.

This means they can make their card unique and add their nickname, motto, or lyrics of their favourite song! Creativity is boundless, as long as it complies with Lydia’s customization policy.

Getting the card

Customers must:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Reside in a country where Lydia is available
  • Must have had their identity verified.

Lydia does not take into account:

  • Profession
  • Income
  • Banking status
  • Inbound monthly payments to their Lydia account.

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