Accepted proof of identity

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To verify your account, you need to provide Lydia with proof of identity. 

This document must be valid, in colour and in your name

We accept:

  • European passports
  • Non European passports and Visa
  • European driving licences
  • European ID cards (front and back)
  • European residence permits

Validation & Deadline ⏳

Document verification is usually fairly quick. In some cases, it can take up to 3 business days. If your profile has not yet been validated at the end of this period, you can contact Lydia support to find out more:

In case of error 😇

Inability to send ID via the app

It happens that while scanning or downloading something does not work. As this can be linked to several things, the easiest way is to send a message to our support by attaching the identity document:

The document is rejected automatically

You must then read the e-mail received which indicates why the part was rejected and download it again directly from the application.

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