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Peer-to-peer payments

As a payer

A transaction that has been completed cannot be cancelled by the sender, whatever the reason may be. Lydia guarantees this amount to the recipient, to whom it now belongs, and cannot go back on it.

You can refer to the "Reclaim a payment" feature to obtain a reimbursement from the recipient.

Exception : the recipient does not have Lydia

If the transaction in question has not yet been accepted and is labelled in-app as pending, the transaction can be cancelled. The recipient, who in this instance is not a Lydia user, has seven days to accept the transaction. Beyond this timeframe, on the morning of the eighth day, the transaction is automatically cancelled by Lydia and the original payment method that was debited will be recredited with the same amount.

As the recipient 

A peer-to-peer transaction that has been completed cannot be cancelled or deleted, but it can be reimbursed.

The recipient can reimburse the sender the full amount using the Lydia app and by selecting the payment method that was credited at the time of the erroneous transaction.

Payments to a business

Only the professional that has received the payment can cancel or reimburse a transaction that was made to him or her, of his own accord or in response to a request from the payer.

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