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For peer-to-peer payments 💸

Cancelling a transaction as a payer

A peer-to-peer transaction that has been completed cannot be cancelled by the sender, whatever the reason may be. Lydia guarantees this amount to the recipient, to whom it now belongs.

👉 However, the person can always request a payment to obtain a refund from the recipient.

If the recipient is not a Lydia user

If the recipient does not have Lydia, the transaction will be pending for 7 days. Meanwhile, if he or she does not retrieve the money by creating an account or by entering their bank account details, the payment will automatically be cancelled on the 8th day.

In such a case, the sender can also request the cancellation of the transaction.

👉 Learn more about Pending transactions and Payments made to the wrong number or email address.

Cancelling a transaction as a recipient 

The recipient can reimburse the sender the full amount using Lydia by making a new Lydia payment or by selecting the payment received in the transaction history and clicking on "Refund".

In either cases, we advise the user to select the initially credited account as the payment source so to make the exact opposite transaction.

If you paid a business 🛒

Only businesses can cancel or reimburse a transaction that was made to them.

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