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Presentation of Lydia's piggy banks

Lydia lets you create several accounts to organise spending and save a bit of money, right from the app.

When shoud you create a piggy bank?

If you want to save money, there is nothing more important than having a clear view of what you're spending. Unfortunately, banks only let you have one current account — all of your expenses are merged in one single place. This creates useless confusion.

To help you out, we created piggy banks!

Through the app, you can for example create...

  • A "Shopping" piggy bank to define a clothes' limit for a month
  • A "Travel" piggy bank to save money for your next trip
  • A "Kitchen renovation" piggy bank

👉 Premium lets you take as many accounts as you want and need. To know more, read this article.

Creating one or multiple piggy banks

There is nothing simpler than creating a piggy bank. First, open the Lydia app, then:

  1. Go to the "Accounts" tab
  2. Click on the "+" button

That's it! You can start crediting the account or sharing it with friends.

Manage a piggy bank with several people

A piggy bank can be managed by one or several persons.

When there's more than one member, the user needs to define his rights:

  • See the balance
  • See the transactions
  • Spend the money
  • Manage group members

Putting money in your piggy bank from a money pot

When a piggy bank exists, you can create in one click a "money pot" web page automatically linked to it. This money pot will have a specific URL which can be shared to anyone. The money put in this money pot will directly go into the piggy bank.

Using the money from a Lydia's piggy bank

To know more, read this article

Managing display settings

Read : Managing your accounts

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