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Gift cards are coupons that can be generated from the Lydia app and used for purchases made in stores or on the Internet. Gift cards are the perfect present if you don't know what you should buy for a birthday. You can even get bonuses when creating gift cards!

For money pots: if you choose to convert the money collected into one or several gift cards, you won't have to pay any commission-fee for the money pot service.

Why purchase gift cards through Lydia ? 🎁

If you don’t have an idea for a gift, or simply want to give yourself a voucher for other purchases in your favorite shops, Lydia gift cards are an excellent idea. Our partner brands will may even give you a bonus of up to 20 € for every gift card you purchase with them. For example, if a user decided to purchase a 150 € gift card through Lydia, our partner may gift 15 € extra euros, bringing the total value of the card up to 165 € to be used other on site or on the partner’s website. 

Lydia gift cards can be redeemed at numerous merchants in various sectors: interior design and decoration, clothing, home appliances and electronics, sporting goods, arts and entertainment, and large retailers. 

Creating a gift card 🎁

From the app

To create a gift card, simply go to the "Discovery" area (accessible by clicking on the compass at the top right of the "Activity" tab) or to the "Cards" tab. Then:

  1. Select "Buy a gift card"
  2. Type in the amount you'd like to convert into a gift card and choose the account you want to debit
  3. Select your favorite retailer
  4. Validate to generate the gift card

The user will receive an email with the gift card code (in a .pdf format). The user is informed of the delay, from gift card purchase to delivery via email, upon purchase in the application.

From a money pot

To convert the amount collected with a Lydia money pot into gift cards, you should:

  1. Open the "Accounts" tab of the app
  2. Under your money pot's account, select "Use"
  3. Choose "Gift card" and follow instructions to generate your gift card

Finding gift cards in the application

Once you’ve ordered a gift card, you can find the code (to use online) or the bar code (to use in physical stores) in the « Vouchers », menu that can be found in the "Cards" tab of the app.

You can find all your gift cards there. All information regarding your gift cards can be found by clicking on the button “Show PDF voucher”.

You may also find your gift cards at the bottom of a Lydia account page if you purchased it using money from an account, a shared account, or a Lydia money pot. 

How to find the card outside the application

To find gift cards outside of the application, simply open the email you should have received after purchasing the gift card. The user is informed of the delay, from gift card purchase to delivery via email, upon purchase in the application. 

You can spend your gift card in several installments, until you’ve used the full amount loaded on the card. The code and barcode associated with the card can be used for all purchases until the card has been used.

How long does it take?

Delivery times can really vary depending on the retailer you've chosen. Delivery times are indicated next to every retailer's name.

When the gift card is available, it will be displayed in-app in the "Gift cards" menu in the "Cards" tab and an email will be sent to your email address.

Using a gift card 💳

Once you have received the gift card via email, or when it is available in-app, there are two ways of spending it:

In store

Using the barcode displayed in the PDF (.pdf) document attached in the e-mail or in-app.


Using the code made of numbers and letters displayed in the PDF (.pdf) document attached in the e-mail or in-app.

What if I don't receive it? 🤷

We kindly invite you to check your spam inbox as it may land there.

Otherwise, feel free to reach out to our support by clicking on the "Contact us" button. We would be happy to help!

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