In order to be eligible to use Samsung Pay please ensure that you fit into the following guidelines:

  • Have a verified Lydia account (click here to verify your account)
  • Have a physical or virtual Lydia card
  • Have a positive balance on your Lydia account (top-up your Lydia balance)
  • Activated the “abroad” (for a card only on the Samsung Pay application and on “online” on the Lydia card settings
  • Have a compatible Samsung phone: models mmore recent Galaxy S9/S9+, S8/S8+, S7/S7 edge; Note 8, A8, A6, A6+ and A5 2017.
  • Own and be connected to a Samsung account
  • Have installed the Samsung Pay app.  Check out the for more information
  • With a pre-defined security code,touch id or facial recognition.
This feature is currently unavailable. To add your Lydia card on Samsung Pay, you will have to manually input your card numbers in the Samsung Pay app (see here).

👉To read more about Samsung Pay, click here.

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