Samsung Pay: Criteria

Updated 1 week ago by Yacine Sahnoune

In order to be eligible to use Samsung Pay please ensure that you fit into the follow guidelines:

  • Have a verified Lydia account (to know how to verify your account)
  • Have a physical or virtual Lydia card.
  • Have a positive balance on your Lydia account (top-up your Lydia balance)
  • Activated the “abroad” (for a card only on the Samsung Pay application and on “online” on the Lydia card settings
  • Have a compatible Samsung phone: models mmore recent Galaxy S9/S9+, S8/S8+, S7/S7 edge; Note 8, A8, A6, A6+ and A5 2017.
  • Own and be connected to a Samsung account
  • Have installed the Samsung Pay app.  Check out the for more information
  • With a pre-defined security code,touch id or facial recognition.

To read more about Samsung Pay, click here.

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