How do I manage shared subscriptions on Lydia?

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With Lydia, you can share a subscription on your mobile: Payments are instant and automatic.

Why share subscriptions with Lydia?

Many online platforms (music, video streaming) offer subscriptions that can be shared among several people. Very often, subscribers take time to pay back the person who pays the subscription.

Lydia automates all these payment requests. No more reminders: Lydia does it for you.

What to do💳

To share a subscription fee, you have two options:

Option 1: Request automatic refund

Just go to the last tab of the Lydia app and schedule a "Recurring Payment".

Lydia will send a monthly, weekly or daily payment request to the relevant people. They will be able to pay for their share directly on Lydia. The person paying the subscription will immediately receive the money on his/her Lydia account.

For more information, read How do I schedule a Recurring Payment?

Option 2: Use a Lydia shared account

Instead of asking people to pay you back, you can also share the price of a subscription ahead of the payment. All you need to do is:

  • Create a shared account and invite participants to credit their share of the subscription on the account;
  • Create an Internet card for secure payments;
  • Send automatic payment requests ("Recurring Payments") to credit the shared account if necessary.
NB: when paying online with a Shared account, you'll have to enter the Internet card holder's name into the merchant's online payment form. If you created the Internet card to debit the Shared account, you'll have to type-in your name.

What other services are available with shared subscriptions? 🖥️

You can use Lydia with services offering online subscriptions. These services include the platforms for:

  • Music streaming services (Spotify, Deezer)
  • Video streaming services (Netflix, OCS, Amazon Prime Video, Canal+, etc.)
  • Sports streaming services (BeIn Sports, RMC Sport, NBA Pass)

Basically any subscription-based online services. You can also use an Internet card for secure payments.

For more information about sharing online subscriptions with Lydia, read How do I schedule a Recurring Payment?

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