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Lydia's referral program

Lydia offers its users the possibility to refer their friends. The user will be invited to introduce Lydia's best features to their relatives one by one. Each activation of a feature by a relative can lead to a reward for the referring user. 

The referral proposal evolves over time. Some proposals are for a fixed period. The user can consult all the proposals and their conditions on Lydia's support.

For the referrer

The user can share their link with anyone they know that have a smartphone. If this person does not yet have a Lydia account, they can create one. Each referral will encourage and/or reward a specific action of the referred person on the app. For example, paying with a Lydia card, or signing up for a Lydia Blue, Lydia Green or Lydia Black current account. You don't have to be a new Lydia user to be referred. 

To ensure that the content of the current referral offer is what the user wants to share, see the "Current Referral Offer" section. 

To share their referral link, users should follow these steps:

  1. Go to the referral screen from the Profile tab in the section called "My Lydia". Scroll down to the "Manage" section at the bottom of the screen and click on "Referrals".
  2. View the current referral offer displayed on this screen, along with the terms and conditions and how to proceed.
  3. Click on the "Invite my friends" button.
  4. Choose the app to share the link with. This can be the phone's text message app or any other sharing app.
  5. The referred user can then click on the link from their mobile phone and follow the instructions in their app.

For the referred user

To take advantage of a referral offer through a link sent by another user, the referred user must follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the link sent by the sponsored user.
  2. The app will open, and a window will appear summarizing the steps to follow. The user can then perform the requested actions. No further action is then required to access the reward.

In the case of some reward-based referrals, there may be a delay of a few days, depending on the offer, before the reward is paid. 

Please note: in order to receive referral rewards, the user must have a verified profile.

In case of a glitch

In some cases, the referred user may not be able to benefit from the referral of another user. This is particularly the case if:

  • The link recipient has already been referred to Lydia in the past.
  • The recipient of the link is already a referral of another user.
  • The user is trying to refer themselves.
  • The link is wrong.

In case of an anomaly when the user is not in any of the above cases, contact customer service from the Help screen of the app, or by sending an email to support@lydia-app.com

Current offer

Until 31/03/2023, refer your friends and family who have never made payments with Lydia: we offer you and the person* you refer €10 as soon as they've made 5 payments (€5 min) in 5 different shops or e-shops with their Lydia card. 

As a bonus, we offer you €20 for every yearly Lydia Blue or Lydia Green account subscription and €30 for a Lydia Black account subscription. 

Referees have 90 days to complete the mentioned action(s).

*User who has paid 2 times or less with a Lydia card and who has not paid with a Lydia card in the last 2 months.

Terms and conditions

Exclusive offer

Beyond 10 referrals per year, you benefit from new referral conditions, reserved for our best ambassadors:

+€2 for each first payment of your sponsored friends who are not yet used to paying with a Lydia card* (within 7 days after clicking on your link).

In addition, you and your referrals benefit from the advantages of classic sponsorship:
+€10 for their first 5 payments* in different shops or e-shops (min. €5)
+€20 when they open their annual Lydia Blue account or Lydia Green account (yearly or monthly)
+€30 when they open a Lydia Black account (yearly or monthly)
Referees have 90 days to complete the mentioned action(s).

*User who has paid 2 times or less with a Lydia card and who has not paid with a Lydia card in the last 2 months.

Terms and conditions

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