To take advantage of Lydia features such as contactless mobile payment or the Lydia card, the customer must top up their Lydia account. There are several ways to do this:

  • By bank transfer thanks to the Lydia IBAN ;
  • From the main "Payment" tab by clicking on the account related and on the "+" icon.
To access your bank account details (RIB) linked to your IBAN

Once a user has "verified status", they have access to a Lydia IBAN and can therefore receive bank transfers directly to their Lydia account.

  • From the “Account” tab
    • In the IBAN section;
    • Or from the "Accounts & money pots" section by selecting any Lydia account then Bank details

From your mobile, you can click here

A user has the option of receiving bank transfers from a third party, a private body (employer) or a public body (taxes, family allowance fund, etc.)

Transfer money to your Lydia account

With a bank transfer 🏦

A user can make a wire from his bank account to his Lydia account using its IBAN account number, It only requires having a "verified" Lydia account.

This feature lets the user top up his account without any amount limit. However, this can take 2 to 3 days as it depends on banks' usual processing times. Instant transfers are also available for this feature from all banks in France and most European banks.

👉 If you want to make your bank transfers directly from Lydia, read "Adding your bank account"

With your debit or credit card 💳

With a credit card, the user can immediately fund his Lydia account, by crediting it with the desired amount. This method is simple and instantaneous. However, it is subject to certain ceilings, which can be consulted at this link.

👉 To know more about this method, see "Adding a bank card"

With a Loan

The Express Loan allows the user to obtain between €100 and €1,500 immediately credited to the user's Lydia account. This is a quick way to credit your account with the desired amount.

A credit commits you and must be refunded. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

By collecting money online 💰

The user can create pots online from the "Accounts & money pots" tab to receive money from anyone for a special occasion, such as a birthday or a wedding, for example.

Their friends, their family or their colleagues will be able, from their browser, to go to this page and deposit money there by entering their bank card number. The account linked to this page (in this case, your Lydia account) will be credited instantly!

However, it is not possible to deposit a check on your Lydia account

👉 As Lydia is a mobile application designed to ease payments, the user cannot deposit a bank check on his Lydia account.

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