Lydia money pots are Lydia accounts associated with an online page where money can be collected. They are free to create and having the app is not required to contribute to a money pot.

Creating a money pot

Customers can create a money pot by tapping the "+" icon at the top right of the "Accounts & money pots" screen on the "Account" tab (or click here from a phone).


From the settings of the online page, the person who created a money pot can:

  • Add a description.
  • Choose to display an IBAN linked to the money pot. This IBAN is dedicated to receiving instant or regular wire transfers (within 2 to 3 working days) and cannot be used to set up direct debits.
  • Choose to display the total amount collected (sum of the contributions).
  • Choose to display the amount available (account balance).
It takes 5 minutes for the deactivation/reactivation of the IBAN to take effect on the online page.

Sharing a money pot

Contributions can be made through the money pot link (its URL). It must be shared with the people who wish to contribute by copy-pasting it from the money pot "Online page" screen.

It can also be done by tapping the "Share the page" button on the same screen.


Money pots are free for:

  • The owners.
  • The participants who use the Lydia app.
  • The participants who contribute to the money pot IBAN via wire transfer.

A 2.5% commission fee applies for contributions made using a bank card without the app.

Contributions without Lydia

Participants don't need to download Lydia or to create an account to contribute.

They can open the money pot link in a browser on a computer or a phone and pay via card or wire transfer.

Contributions with a Lydia customer account

If customers have the app on their smartphones

Tapping the money pot link will automatically open the Lydia app. Customers can now tap the "Contribute" button. 

Customers choose the amount and the source of payment, and they can add a message and a picture to their contribution before confirming the transaction.

From the app, customers can pin the money pot to save it, follow its evolution, or contribute later.

From a web browser

Lydia customers open the link in a web browser and click on "Contribute with Lydia". They then have to fill out the required information.

Thanks to this information, they receive a payment request in-app and can validate the transaction from Lydia.

Tracking contributions

Money pot owners can view all the contributions in the money pot history.

They can be immediately notified (via email and/or notification on their phone) for every new contribution. See the alerts feature on the money pot screen.

In cases where commissions were applied due to contributions made outside of the mobile app, an overview of the expenses is available in PDF format in the "Account" tab under "Limits".

Managing the money pot together

Several people can track contributions and/or use the money collected. 

To invite a contact to become an administrator, money pot owners have to tap "Members" on the money pot screen before selecting the members they want to add and the permissions they want to grant them. Here are the permissions that can be granted to each new member:

  • See the balance: the administrator has access to the money pot balance.
  • See the transactions: the administrator can view the contributions made to the money pot.
  • Spend the money: the administrator can use the money pot money.
  • Manage members: the administrator can add or remove members and manage their permissions.

The selected members receive an invite they can accept from the "Accounts & money pots" section in-app.

Customers can add new administrators at any time.

Do not mix up administrators and contributors. Administrators help organize the money pot. All participants do not need to be members to contribute.

Using the money collected

With a Lydia card

The easiest way for customers to spend the money pot funds is to link it to a Lydia card. The next purchases made with this card will be debited from the money pot on Lydia.

To link a card, customers must access the money pot and open the "Linked cards" section. The owner (or the other invited members with spending permissions) can then link a Lydia card to the account and use it to spend the money that has been collected.

The money pot can be spent:

All customers can get their first physical Lydia card for free. Tap here to learn more.
With a wire transfer or gift card

Amount and contribution limits

For legal reasons, owners have to verify their identity before they can spend the money collected if it amounts to above €150.

Owners are advised to do so the moment they create the money pot from the "Account" tab, "Personal information" section, or by tapping this link from their phones.

Once the verification is completed, owners won't need to perform this operation again for their next money pots.

A Lydia member whose identity is verified and who was granted permission to spend cannot transfer money in lieu of the owner if the latter's identity has not yet been verified.


Once a collect is over and the money pot balance is €0, owners can directly archive it from their app by tapping "Archive this account" at the bottom of the money pot page.

From that point on, the online page is no longer accessible and no further contribution can be made.

Members can leave a money pot at any time by tapping "Leave shared account" at the bottom of the screen.


To report a Lydia money pot, customers must write to customer service using the subject line "Report Lydia money pot".

To facilitate the control, customers should disclose:

  • The first and last name of the money pot owner.
  • The URL link to the relevant money pot (example:
  • The reasons for this reporting.
Lydia reserves the right not to communicate on the outcome of its control. Therefore, requesting updates on the reporting is not necessary.

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