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Lydia money pot are accounts associated with an online page that allow you to collect money from as many people as possible (whether or not they have Lydia) to spend together on an event (birthday, going-away party, wedding).


The Lydia money pot is the cheapest because :

  • totally free for all entries via the Lydia app

  • only 2.5% commission on credit card entries outside the app (see details)

Create a money pot

Creating a Lydia money pot takes 10 seconds.

To create a money pot, users must open the second tab of the app and click on "Accounts & money pots" and then...

  1. Click on the "+" icon at the top right of the screen and on "🎁 Create a money pot";
  2. Enter money pot's title;
  3. Add a cover photo. This is the first image that participants will see before contributing to the money pot ;
  4. A web page is then created. The user can share the link to this page to collect contributions.

The creator of a money pot can choose what information they wish to share with participants. From the online page settings page, they can :

  • Add a description;

  • Choose whether or not to display the total amount collected (sum of contributions);

  • Choose whether or not to display the amount available (account balance);

Share a money pot

The money pot link (its url) allows to participate. So the user need to share it with people who want to take part.

It's possible to share the money pot from the application:

  1. By going to the money pot's account, from the "Accounts & money pots" section located in the second tab of the app ;
  2. By clicking on "Share my page" in the online page section;
  3. By choosing how you want to share the link (SMS, email, WhatsApp, etc) and then selecting the recipients.

Participate in a money pot without Lydia

Contributors do not need to download the Lydia application or create an account to participate.

They can open the money pot's url link in a web browser.

To participate, they must fill in :

  • The amount of the contribution;

  • Their first and last name;

  • Their telephone number;

  • Choose the option to pay by credit card;

A card form will then allow them to make the payment.

As explained above, 2.5% commission is charged on this type of credit card entry.

The organizer can share with the contributors the IBAN of the money pot to receive contributions via bank transfers. Click here to obtain more details on Lydia IBAN.

Participating in a money pot with a Lydia user account

From the application

Opening a money pot url link on a smartphone with Lydia redirects the user to the application.

The user can then click on the "Participate" button.

They can set the amount and source of payment and add a message and photo to their contribution before confirming the transaction.

From the application, users can pin the money pot to keep track of its progress or participate at a later date.

From a web browser

Lydia users open the link in a web browser.

They must then enter :

  • The amount of their contribution;

  • First name and surname;

  • Their telephone number;

  • Choose the pay with Lydia option;

With this information, he receives a payment request in the application and can validate the transaction from Lydia.

Tracking entries

Money pot administrators can view all entries.

  1. By opening the money pot, from the "Accounts & money pots" section located in the second tab of the app ;
  2. By consulting the history or by clicking on the "Contributions" section of the money pot;

You can be notified immediately (by e-mail or mobile notification) of each new contribution. See the account alerts function.

If commissions have been charged for contributions made outside the mobile application, a summary of past charges is available in PDF format from the "Profile" tab in the "Limits" section.

Managing a money pot for several people

Several people can follow the entries and or use the money collected.

To invite a contact to become an administrator, the creator of the money pot must :

  1. Go to their money pot via the "Accounts & money pots" section located in the second tab of the app ;
  2. Click on "Members" and then select the contacts to invite;
  3. Select the rights to be granted to each new member:
    View balance: the administrator will be able to access the money pot balance.
    View transactions: the administrator can view the contributions made to the money pot.
    Spend money: the administrator will be able to use the money in the money pot.
    Manage members: the administrator will be able to add or remove members and manage their rights.

Click "Finish" to send the invitation.

The person selected will receive an invitation, which they can accept from the "Accounts & money pots" section located in the second tab of the app.

You can invite a new administrator at any time.

Don't confuse an administrator with a contributor. Administrators are the people who organise the money pot. Not all contributors need to be members to participate.

Use money from a money pot

With a Lydia card

The easiest way to spend money from a money pot is to connect it to a Lydia card.

The user must go to the "Management > Linked Cards" section of the money pot where it is possible to create and/or connect a card and then use it to spend the money.

The money pot can be spent:

  • By withdrawing cash from an ATM with the Lydia card.
The first Lydia physical card is offered to all users. Click here to find out more.

By bank transfer or gift card

  • Convert the amount collected or part of it into gift cards;

Limits on amount and participation

For legal reasons, the organiser will have to verify the identity of those who have raised more than €150 before the money can be used.

It is recommended that you do this as soon as you create the money pot, from the "Obtain verified profile status" menu in "Profile", or by clicking on this link from your telephone.

Once "Profile verified" status has been obtained, the organiser will not need to do this again for future money pots.

A member with verified profile status who has the right to spend will not be able to transfer money on behalf of the organiser if she/he has not yet managed to have his or her identity verified.

Archiving a money pot

Once the fundraising is complete and the money pot balance has reached €0, the organiser can archive the money pot directly from the application by clicking on "Close this account" at the bottom of the money pot page.

From then on, the online page will no longer be accessible and no further participation will be possible.

A member can leave the money pot at any time by clicking on "Leave shared account" at the bottom of the money pot page.

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