Split the Bill

Updated 2 weeks ago by Antoine Porte

What is it?

Split the bill is a function used to split a bill between friends without having to stress about it.  After a dinner out with a few friends for example helping you to make calculations and get your friends to pay their part simply and hassle free.


  • On the 4th tab of the application and select “Split the Bill”
  • On the 2nd tab of the application and select the transaction where the user has been debited
  • On the https://partagerladdition.com/ website


  1. Add the contacts that you would like to “split the bill” with. 
  2. You can use either their phone number or email address.Indicate the amount to share.
  3. Adjust each person’s total to the penny!
  4. Validate and a request will be sent by SMS or email to each participant.
  5. Each person will pay their part by card or simply a tap on their Lydia app.  The user that originally paid will be reimbursed onto one of their Lydia accounts.

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